Australia, Rhode Island, Canada, More – Tuesday Morning Buzz, September 24, 2013

Beef producers in Australia have a new tool to identify worms which might endanger their cattle. It’s an online database of shi- of manure samples that let producers enter their postcode and get a breakdown of what worms are most prevalent in their area. (I do feel it’s worth noting that this tool was developed by Zoetis, which makes drugs for animals.)

Spotted on BetaList: Trendpaper, an online newspaper built on news that is trending on social networks. It hasn’t launched yet, but there’s an interesting “trending in history” featuer. has added three new New York state censuses.

The Mississippi Department of Archives has gotten a grant to digitize newspapers from 1836 to 1922.

FindMyPast has added Irish newspapers to its collection.

This is interesting: putting YouTube’s most popular videos on a map — who’s watching what where? “Who would have guessed, for example, that YouTube viewing habits in the U.S. are more similar to what people are watching in the Netherlands than in the U.K. or even in Canada? And who knew that India’s YouTube viewing is most closely related to Saudi Arabia?”

PC World has a review of the new OpenOffice 4.0. WARNING: PC World. “The strength of the individual applications is such that Apache OpenOffice is fine even if you only need a single one of the components. You won’t sacrifice significant functionality. Given that it’s free, it’s hard to argue against at least trying it out.”

The state of Rhode Island has announced the launch of the Rhode Island State Archives Catalog.

The government of Canada has launched an online tool providing information on Aboriginal communities and treaty rights in Canada. “The Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Information System (ATRIS) is a web-based information system intended to map out the location of Aboriginal communities across Canada and to display information pertaining to their potential or established Aboriginal or treaty rights. ATRIS provides users with information on treaties, agreements and claims processes and links it to a geographic location or an Aboriginal group on a map.”

The government of Thailand is planning to combine three databases into one large repository for Thai cultural information.

Teachers, here’s a fun new tool for making digital badges (press release). Good morning, Internet…

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