Flickr, Dropbox, More – Short Wednesday Evening Buzz, September 25, 2013

Flickr has started a Twitter Tuesday feature, where you’re invited to find your best stuff in Flickr and share it on Twitter.

Is the Google Books Case near its end?

More Google: Google has helped create a new site for exploring the world’s constitutions. “Google Ideas supported the Comparative Constitutions Project to build Constitute, a new site that digitizes and makes searchable the world’s constitutions. Constitute enables people to browse and search constitutions via curated and tagged topics, as well as by country and year. The Comparative Constitutions Project cataloged and tagged nearly 350 themes, so people can easily find and compare specific constitutional material. This ranges from the fairly general, such as ‘Citizenship’ and ‘Foreign Policy,’ to the very specific, such as ‘Suffrage and turnouts’ and ‘Judicial Autonomy and Power.'”

The Internet Storm Center has raised its threat level to Yellow because of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

Mashable has a nice roundup of seven music discovery tools (thought I thought including Twitter was a bit of a reach.)

Dropbox has become the latest technology company to attempt to make its transparency reports even more transparent…

I know you woke up this morning and thought, “What I need is a map of Britain recreated in Minecraft.” Here you go. Good afternoon, Internet…

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