Surfing, Twitter, Fantasy Football, More – Wednesday Morning Buzz, September 25, 2013

Very interesting article in The Atlantic: 49% of the links cited in Supreme Court decisions are broken. Wow!

A handy list from LOC’s The Signal: 71 digital portals to state history. (And even more listed in the comments!)

The US State Department has launched an Instagram account.

Apparently there’s a Tumblr just for documenting iOS 7 bugs. Wow…

Twitter has added a new tweet and account recommendation feature.

YouTube is going to revamp its commenting system. About time; YouTube comments are astoundingly bad; too often mean-spirited, too often riddled with spam.

The world’s largest coral reef library has launched. “Now the visual access to the reef that has been seen on Google Street View will go even further, with the launch of the Catlin Global Reef Record, a free online resource that will make the survey’s imagery invaluable to scientific researchers…. Visitors to the online library will be able to explore approximately 180,000 panoramic underwater coral reef images with another 200,000 panoramas expected by late 2014.”

Speaking of oceans – COMING NEXT WEEK! The online Encyclopedia of Surfing.

Hey! The Smithsonian needs some crowdsourcing help to transcribe a scrapbook of early aeronautica.

The State of Tennessee has added over one million newspaper pages to the Chronicling America Project.

Good stuff from Amit Agarwal — of courseTracking Gmail with Google Analytics.

More Google: Google has announced its science fair winners.

Are you part of a fantasy football league? Wolfram|Alpha can help. “This season, NFL stats will be updated on Wolfram|Alpha after every game day. You’ll have the opportunity to check out how your players are doing this year, while comparing their stats to past performances in different and more interesting ways than looking at lines of numbers on your favorite NFL stats sites.”

WARNING: Only go to this site if you have at least ten minutes free. Mapdive uses Google Maps and Chrome to let you control a little diving Pegman as he tries to land on famous sites around the world. Good morning, Internet…

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