Ubuntu, Google, ProPublica, More – Friday Evening Buzz, September 27, 2013

There is apparently a bug in GMail that will lock you out of your account if you insert an inline image under the wrong circumstances. “The disconcerting bug has been affecting unsuspecting Gmail users for months, and it’s apparently tied to the use of Gmail’s spanking-new message-compose interface.” Months? Really, Google? WARNING: PC World.

Keeping an eye on Google Glass competitors? here are three more.

Hey, I had no idea there was a tool that converts tweets into MLA and APA citations! Check it out:

North Carolina State University is working on new search engine technology.

Google’s Knowledge Graph now lets you compare items.

The state of Arizona has launched a natural hazard map that provides information on a variety of hazards, including earth fissures, earthquakes, and floods.

ProPublica has released a Nonprofit Explorer API. “The API includes endpoints for organization profiles and for full-text search. It returns all of the data we have in our database on a given organization, including dozens of form-specific fields even information that isn’t displayed on the public-facing Nonprofit Explorer website. The API also returns links to all available Form 990 PDF files (as provided by Public.Resource.Org).”

Does Google’s keyword scanning in Gmail violate wiretap laws? “U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said that by automatically scanning Gmail users’ emails to provide targeted ads and filter spam, Google may be in breach of Federal and California state wiretapping laws, which prohibit the unauthorized interception of communications.”

The Ubuntu 13.10 final beta is now available. Good evening, Internet…

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