Google, Internet Archive, CERN, More: Saturday Buzz, September 28, 2013

DataSift has expanded its historical social data analysis offerings.

Guy’s SUV is stolen. He finds it again thanks to Google Earth.

In similar news, a guy noticed his grandma on Google Street View. It is believed that the Street View image might be one of the last pictures of her as she is deceased.

All 1 Billion+ Facebook Profile Pictures in One Place. Unfortunately the site is running a little slow. You can click random pixels to explore. First one I clicked randomly? Smurfette. Gah!

Algo is yet another attempt to turn the Twitter data firehose into something useful. I’m rooting for it.

Jeff Thompson has a short writeup on a nifty search experiment he did using the Internet Archive. The code’s available on GitHub. has added a collection of early 19th century Canadian passenger lists.

A good reminder: when searching, go beyond Google Books.

Check out this Web service that keeps your contact information updated from e-mail content.

You can now tour CERN with Google Street View. Good morning, Internet..

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