Nobel Prizes, Google, WordPress, Scraping More: Tuesday Evening Buzz, October 1, 2013

Hey! The 2013 Nobel Prize announcements will be livecast. (Press release)

Google has announced some updates to its Drive file products.

Timing wonks: The best days and times to post on Instagram. Spoiler: Mondays, but only by a slight amount.

You know you want to: how to make a supercut video.

Fun from ScraperWiki: How to scrape anyone’s Twitter followers.

Phil Bradley takes a look at Feedspot as a Google Reader replacement. I’m liking Newsblur and y’all, I am seriously loving Digg Reader. I imported an OMPL file of over 700 feeds and it didn’t even burp. I have always resisted Web-based RSS readers past a certain point because I didn’t think they could handle the number of feeds I read. Digg’s doing fine.

Google Knowledge Graph: now with more musician knowledge.

More Google: Making QR Codes in Google Docs.

WordPress 3.7 has gone to Beta 1. Good evening, Internet..

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  1. The Linux article omits LInus Mint, which is my favorite, especially for someone willing to try Linux as a Windows alternative. It mostly feels like Windows, but of course works more reliably and is faster. For browsing with Firefox, for example, it is speedier and remains a familiar environment. Unlike Windows. software is installed easily and without the need for a reboot. It can run well even on older, slower hardware.

    Puppy can be quirky to learn, but in trying to install Linux on old laptops, it succeeds more than others, even automatically figuring out the touchpad. It can partially install itself onto the hard drive without interfering with an installed Windows system, making it easy for someone to try before taking the plunge. Just leave the boot disk in the drive, and it will switch to the hard disk copy and boot up quickly. The file on the hard disk can be simply deleted if unwanted in the future.

    Either of these is a pleasure to use.

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