Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, More: Monday Morning Buzz, October 7, 2013

Nice one from Mashable: 7 Nifty Data Visualization Sites.

Congrats to ilissAfrica for indexing its 5000th Web site. ilissAfrica is a collection of Web sites from and about sub-Saharan Africa.

More companies are recycling e-mail accounts. The latest one is Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook.)

Need to access a blocked Web site? Run it through Google Translate. Hat tip to Lifehacker for gettin’ sly.

Yahoo’s rewards for finding security bugs are now a lot less embarrassing.

Heads-up, it’s a shutdown special: Social Explorer is making its census data free for two weeks (it started last Friday.)

Mashable is going after the newbie long tail with this beginner’s guide to YouTube.

Josh Constine at TechCrunch has an excellent article on the “Unfiltered Feed Problem” at Twitter, and what the company could do about it. One suggestion he missed: Embrace third party developers and give them lots of API access. Companies like ListiMonkey (RIP), Undrip (RIP), and Nuzzel are all addressing the unfiltered feed problem far better than Twitter is.

Using Google+? Here’s How to save posts to Evernote. (Thanks Mitch!)

Snapchat has expanded into Snapchat Stories.

Speaking of Google, they had this cool time feature but apparently it has gone plotz. I have a confession. I am kind of a timer nerd. My favorite timer is one for iOS from Energize Software called Easy Up-Down Timers. It completely rocks. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Kaspersky AV would not let me visit this clickable.

    More companies are recycling e-mail accounts. The latest one is Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook.)

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