Google, Bees, Browsers, British Library, More: Tuesday Buzz, October 8, 2013

Hey, you can now share Google Docs without making the recipient sign in to the Google Account.

It’s a neat idea but it also kind of grosses me out. Sickweather maps social media posts to a map to tell you where people are filling sniffly, sneezy, coughing, stuffy-headed, fever — well, you get the idea.

If you don’t like bugs you probably want to skip this one, but there are some really neat bee pictures on Flickr.

Food wonks: Larry Ferlazzo has a nifty pointer to a tool that lets you enter the ingredients to a recipe and find out where the vegetables in the recipe were first domesticated. Cool.

Matt Cutts says we’re apparently done with PageRank updates until next year.

Handy from How-To Geek: how to see which browser extensions are slowing down your browser.

A new extension for Chrome and Firefox lets you use Google, Bing, and Yahoo without the tracking. But: “Note/Update: Just to be clear, while Disconnect can help with user privacy around areas like ad tracking by search engines or other companies, this doesn’t necessarily mean Disconnect can be thought of as a total privacy barrier against other forces like the government, as pointed out in the comments below.”

Google has launched a Street View for over 100 Indian monuments.

Tool: Creating HTML classroom newsletters with Google Sites.

The British Library now has available for download a spreadsheet of direct links to digitized manuscripts (medieval and earlier). There are almost 900 links in the sheet.

Check out this fun little tool that reviews your Twitter stream and then makes up your next tweet based on what you’ve already written. My favorite one for ResearchBuzz: “Online database of GMail bug that’s been floating around the YouTube content tricks: Five free for Utah.” Five free for Utah, y’all! Good morning, Internet…

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