Amazon, Clemson, Adobe, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, October 9, 2013

Google has added TV listings to its search results, but Danny Sullivan is not impressed.

Okay, so now Amazon has launched its own pay service. Someone please explain to me: How come you still can’t use two-factor login with Amazon?

Clemson University has digitized its yearbooks, from 1899 to 2012.

An IBM researcher says she can analyze your personality based on 200 of your tweets.

Science wonks! Popular Science has added 13 blogs. The bloggers themselves will have the option for turning comments on for individual posts.

Now available: new security updates for Adobe Acrobat & Reader.

Interesting article from VentureBeat: Why Google Trends is a market researcher’s best friend.

Tempting, but I don’t have the bandwidth: How to create your own URL shortener.

Verbase has announced a crowdsourced search engine (press release).

Longtime nerds, check out this Web-based version of MacPaint. Oh the nostalgia. (Hat tip to CogDog.) Good morning, Internet…

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