New Blog Announcement: Me Tries to Work

As I have mentioned in the past, I work in a warehouse. I have all kinds of jobs which range from requiring lots of creative thought to being somewhat repetitive.

Unfortunately my brain isn’t very patient and when it doesn’t have enough to think about, it gets bored. And when it gets bored it wants to chat. So while I’m trying to create a new spreadsheet or figure out an inventory system or document a process, I get random questions about anything from sea monsters to obscure television commercials from 1977. And because both my brain and I are pretty weird, the conversations tend to go off in odd directions.

I’ve been sharing some of these on Facebook, and a few of my friends thought I should do a blog. So I did. It’s called Me Tries to Work and it’s available at . The title comes from where all these conversations start — when I’m trying to work. (Fear not, despite all these conversations I manage to get plenty done at my job.)

There’s very little in here about research. If you find ResearchBuzz funny you will probably find this funny too, though it may just cement your opinion that I’m a couple burritos short of a combination plate. There’s a little bit of swearing. It won’t take the place of ResearchBuzz but hopefully will give me another outlet to destress a bit.

Anyway, I hope you like it. If you do, please share. My brain thanks you.

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