UAF, Twitter, Evernote, More: Thursday Buzz, October 10, 2013

Mashable has an interesting article on upgrading from Google Chat to Hangouts. I wasn’t able to do this in my Google Account but it worked fine in my regular GMail. There is a lot more functionality, but I would like to apologize in advance to my cousin who’s going to log in to her GMail account later today and find a huge pile of emoji turtles, chickens, and ladybugs.

There is now a digital archive available for the poet James Merrill.

The University of Alaska-Fairbanks has announced a new research database: “ScholarWorks@UA contains master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. Previously, those were only available in print. The database also contains historical papers and photos from the university.”

Twitter: data firehouse, community platform, and – diplomatic venue?

Microsoft has finally patched a serious IE security hole.

For those of y’all who are looking for an alternative to the closing iGoogle (I’ve gotten a few e-mails), Phil Bradley pointed me to Symbaloo, which looks like a decent option.

From the always-awsome Amit Agarwal: Ten tips to use Word better.

Evernote now has two-factor login.

Yahoo Mail has gotten a big overhaul. Good morning, Internet…

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