Flickr, Twitter, Mocavo, More: Wednesday Buzz, October 16, 2013

TechCrunch has an article on Bunkr, which is described as a “PowerPoint killer.” Anything that smooshes PowerPoint is fine with me.

The Royal Australian Historical Society has joined the Flickr Commons. Currently there are 59 photos.

The University of Hawaii has digitized more Hawai’i newspapers for its collection.

140 characters doesn’t seem like many to start with, but apparently since 2009 Tweets have been getting shorter.

Speaking of Twitter, you know you’re in a spotlight when a five-minute outage gets a story in the Los Angeles Times.

Genealogy search engine Mocavo has announced that its content will be free forever.

More genealogy: MyHeritage and FamilySearch are teaming up (press release.) “FamilySearch will provide MyHeritage with more than 2 billion records from its global historic record collections and its online Family Tree. These records will be added to SuperSearch, MyHeritage’s search engine for historical records, and will be matched with family trees on MyHeritage using its matching technologies.”

There is a vulnerability in Chrome that can expose personal information. Deb Shinder offers some tips for minimizing the impact of the vulnerability.

And this morning in Me: (Tries to Work), my brain asks “Did Dagny Taggart ever have PMS?” Find out the astonishing answer in Daggy Taggart did not have PMS. Good morning, Internet…

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