WordPress, DPLA, LinkedIn, Vine, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, October 26, 2013

Oh look, Grand Theft Auto V malware. I’m shocked. Not.

WordPress 3.7 is now available.

If you’ve been reading ResearchBuzz for a long time you probably know all these, but if you’re newer to Google’s mysteries, check out these seven Google search operators. Cache: is one of my favorites.

To get you in the mood for Halloween: 20 scary Google Street View sightings. Many of these are glitches and oddities, but a few are somewhat disturbing, so approach with caution.

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans uses Facebook as a news source. That explains some of the stuff I see in my feed.

The Digital Public Library of America has launched DPLA Bookshelf. “When a user of the DPLA site searches for books, the results are displayed as books on a bookshelf; the shelf is shown as a vertical stack so that the titles and authors are more easily readable on their spines.”

Have you heard of LinkedIn’s new “Intro” product? Here are several reasons why it’s an astoundingly bad idea. Between this and the way they handled the site hack and the “top 10%” e-mails and the persistent endorsement e-mails, it’s amazing what a tin ear LinkedIn has as a company.

The Vine app has some new editing features.

Interesting article at Noupe: Bento curates the best resources for learning Web development and a variety of other topics.

You’ve probably heard this already but it’s important enough that I’m mentioning it again: Emily Dickinson now has a digital archive. Good afternoon, Internet…

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