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Crowdfunding, YouTube, APIs, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, October 29, 2013

Seth Godin says Google has jumped the shark. There are decisions Google has made recently that I dislike, but that’s been true for years. More than usual? Perhaps. I don’t know if it has jumped the shark, but I do think it’s too big and needs to divide itself into smaller bits. Searching AND Glasses AND self-driving cars AND longevity? That’s a lot of scope.

Speaking of Google: it is mapping the Arlington National Cemetery, but it won’t be available until May.

YouTube is allowing publishers to set up paid channels.

More YouTube: YouTube and Google+ are getting the option of “Communication Managers.” It’s about time!

You’ve heard of six degrees of separation? We’re down to four. I think this has implications for search vocabulary but I’m still mulling on it.

I didn’t know there were such easy ways to turn Web sites into APIs. This is me drooling on the keyboard.

Phil Bradley has put together a nice collection of 200 search engines.

LinkedIn is responding to security concerns about its horrible Intro product. I am not reassured.

The Digital Public Library of America has added three new service hubs.

I think it was Jack Schofield that tipped me to this cross-platform, open source utility for backing up Google Documents. I haven’t tried it yet. Thanks Jack!

Good news, there’s a potential Google Alerts replacement on the horizon!

Google Operating System mentioned a little Easter egg for Philadelphia on Google Maps.

Is the SEC going to allow startups to crowdfund? I think this is a great idea.

Speaking of crowdfunding, Kickstarter has had over 50,000 successfully funded projects. Good morning, Internet…

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