Marketplace, WolframAlpha, Canada, Buffer, More : Wednesday Morning Buzz, October 30, 2013

When I talk tech, I get wound up. And when I get wound up, my accent gets more evident. Which is why my interview on Marketplace last night came off way southern. Stacey Vanek Smith is really nice and always fun to talk to. Y’all.

It’s tomorrow! Check out Larry Ferlazzo’s giant list of resources for learning about Halloween.

Buffer got hacked. While it’s never good when a company gets hacked, I love the way they handled it.

WolframAlpha has announced the Wolfram Problem Generator: “Students can now ask Wolfram|Alpha for help with practice and homework questions and can do practice problems with Wolfram Problem Generator. Currently, there are six main topics that Wolfram Problem Generator covers: arithmetic, number theory, algebra, calculus, linear algebra, and statistics.”

Google has made several updates to Hangouts.

Speaking of Google Hangouts, Google Helpouts is expected to launch November 5.

Even more Google: it has tweaked its CAPTCHAs. “… we’ve recently released an update that creates different classes of CAPTCHAs for different kinds of users. This multi-faceted approach allows us to determine whether a potential user is actually a human or not, and serve our legitimate users CAPTCHAs that most of them will find easy to solve. Bots, on the other hand, will see CAPTCHAs that are considerably more difficult and designed to stop them from getting through.”

Glassy Google: Google Glass 2 is reportedly coming soon.

The 1921 Canadian Census has been fully indexed.

The Internet Archive now has a historical software collection. You can download VisiCalc!

Now available: Firefox 25!

A new Web site has launched a crowdsourcing effort to record Welsh place names.

WolframAlpha is adding new some new features to its step-by-step functionality. Good morning, Internet…

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