Chrome, Bing, Digg, More : Monday Buzz, November 4, 2013

Google’s Chrome will start automatically blocking malware. I would love to have Chrome as my main browser, except I don’t think NoScript works on it and there’s no way to have a master password for the password keeper (WHY NOT??!)

More Google – not sure why you’d want to do this, but if you wanted to disable Google secure search, here’s how.

More Google: Jon Evans delivers a headsmack to Google. It was a very well-written headsmack, and very polite, but it was a headsmack. (I think I just like typing headsmack. HEADSMACK HEADSMACK HEADSMACK! Ahem.) I think he nails it, too: Google has very little competition in some arenas, and has grown complacent. This happens to everybody, even if you’re not one of the largest companies in the country. Unfortunately the things that will keep you not be complacent – like paranoia, corporate self-esteem issues, and ridiculous levels of passion that end up making you myoptic – are not things that get you to the top in the first place.

More more more Google: iGoogle has officially closed down, and based on the e-mail I’m getting y’all are really not happy about it….

Bing has reupped with Twitter. FIREHOSE!

From Mashable: 3 tools to manage who you follow on Twitter.

There is a new archive dedicated to British record shops — and it’s looking for contributions!

The government of Nigeria is launching an online database of health facilities and specialists.

If you’re old like me you may remember, from the long-ago Web, the “Digg Effect.” Who cares that it’s 2013? It’s back. And have I mentioned lately that I love the Digg Reader? You know the commercials they show during American football games where they feature really tough trucks that can do everything except butter your toast? I don’t even see the trucks. I see the Digg Reader screen. Good morning, Internet…

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