Google, Newspapers, NOAA, Mercury, More : Tuesday Buzz, November 5, 2013

A CNET article has a few more details about Google Helpouts.

More Google: it is expanding Google Hangouts to offer virtual field trips.

The British Newspaper Archive now has over seven million pages.

The NOAA is having a free Webinar next week. “Attendees will learn how NOAA monitors the pulse of the Earth, and how they can access NOAA’s free online resources that offer primary real-time and archived data along with valuable information, and a wide range of multimedia content.”

Now available online: maps of Mercury.

Apparently only 16% of adults use Twitter. I was surprised about this at first, but it makes sense to my personal experience; when we interview people at work and ask if they have social media experience, everybody has a Facebook account. But people either don’t have a Twitter account or “I have one, but I don’t use it.” has a writeup on Metisme, a Chrome extension that allows you to manage attachments in GMail. Looks useful.

Meanwhile, in my head, my brain has confessed to me its desire to successfully fuse chitlins and surrealism. Good morning, Internet…

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