Facebook, Alaska, GPO, LookSmart, More : Thursday Buzz, November 7, 2013

Matt Cutts, he of Google, is going to run the Boston Marathon. And he wants your help!

Not good — the Internet Archive had a fire!

Have an Adobe account? Wondering if it was one of the ones that got hacked? Here’s how to find out.

Facebook has new Like and Share buttons.

Denali National Park in Alaska has gotten a homemade “Google Street View” treatment. “Using a homemade, Subaru-mounted platform of four GoPro cameras, geologist Ron Karpilo, a research associate at Colorado State University who lives in Anchorage, snapped more than half a million photos of Denali’s Park Road…. He spent $2,600 on GoPro cameras with wide-angle lenses and tools to mount the cameras via his car’s sunroof. He positioned the cameras at bus-window height to mimic what a park visitor would see. Next, he and his wife drove the park road slowly, with each camera snapping a photo every half second. Just one way down the road yielded 266,400 photographs.”

Very cool: a list of special collections on Tumblr.

I’m including this for sheer nostalgia: LookSmart has announced a reverse stock split. is offering free military records access until 12 November.

Hey! The GPO has released an audio book! “Published by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the audio book, Getting to Know the President: Intelligence Briefings of Presidential Candidates, 1952-2004, is a historical account of the information sharing process between the intelligence community and presidential candidates and presidents-elect during campaigns and administration transitions.” The audio book is available as a multi-part MP3 file, and it’s free.

Genealogists: Nice article from “Use Google Books to Get Free Copies of Pages of Family History Library Books”

Yahoo has a new Yahoo Finance app available.

Google Operating System has gotten falsely accused of being a phishing site. Hope he gets that removed soon – that’s happened to ResearchBuzz a few times, even after it moved to

Meanwhile, inside my head, my brain is slightly peeved with TS Eliot. Good morning, Internet…

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