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There’s a zero-day attack on Microsoft Office going around…

An API Commons is now available.

Interesting guest post from the Library of Congress blog: Anatomy of a Web Archive.

Digg has a new video site. “With the launch of Digg Video, Digg will break out the most popular video content found online, giving it its own high-level section on On the new site, you can browse trending videos, share videos to Facebook or Twitter, and, of course, Digg them.”

Google has officially announced Google Helpouts.

More Google: remember when I complained recently about Google’s Chrome browser not having enough password security (in my opinion)? Looks like that’s about to change.

More More Google: a Harvard professor has estimated that Google’s illegal revenues are on the order of a billion dollars a year. You can get a list of what he considers illegal, as well as examples, here.

Montana State University is developing an online atlas of the sounds of Montana.

Recently launched: a Kickstarter project to fund an online archive for Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas.

There is a new online archive designed to contain information about Rwanda, along the same format as Wikipedia. So what’s it called? Rwandapedia, of course!

The Oregon Zoo has launched a new online photo gallery to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has launched a new tool for consumers to find housing counselors. “Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) launched a tool to help consumers find local housing counseling agencies to answer their questions or address their concerns. The Bureau is releasing the tool in advance of the January 2014 effective dates for its mortgage rules. The Bureau also published guidance for lenders on how to provide mortgage applicants with a list of local homeownership counseling organizations.” I did a zip code search and found eight options.

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