Great Lakes Fishery, Google, YouTube, Bing, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, 11/12/13

The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas has launched a digital archive. “So far, the digital archive includes manuscripts by the Brontë sisters, pieces from P.T. Barnum, scrapbooks by Harry Houdini, and landscapes by Frank Reaugh.”

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission has launched an online video database. “The videos, available streaming and in HD, chronicle sea lamprey in the wild, sea lamprey spawning, various aspects of the sea lamprey control program, and cutting edge fisheries research.” I really wanted to tag this on Twitter #livenudelamphreys but I figured my life was weird enough.

Happy 18th Birthday, Laughing Squid!

Bing is now offering a new music video search.

More Bing: there are some rumors going around that the new CEO of Microsoft (whoever that might be) might shut Bing down. BGR looks at why it would be a good idea to keep Bing. Bing could really go places if they stopped trying to catch up with Google and just focused on being a damned good search engine.

Google has launched Chrome 32 in beta. Indicators to show which tabs are making noise? YES PLEASE.

Forbes: The Twitter Guide for Professionals Who ‘Just Don’t Get It’. I don’t really get it either but I’m on it anyway, mostly to give Dan Lyke a hard time about his okra folding skills.

Now available on FamilySearch: a really nice printable fan-chart.

How to stop Google from automatically using your picture as caller ID.

Apparently Facebook has been sending out warning e-mails to folks who were using the same password on both Facebook and the recently-massively-hacked Adobe.
Check out this article and read the comments as to how they could do this. Creepy, but a good security move.

Apparently people are not happy with the new YouTube commenting system. over 46,000 people have signed a petition asking Google to put YouTube back the way it was. I’m sure Google will respond immediately to such strong feelings from so many people. cough Google Reader cough Google morning, Internet…

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