Instagram, Twitter, Backups, More: Short Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, 11/12/13

Interesting: 16 creative uses of Instagram video.

Google has launched crisis tools for Typhoon Yolanda.

Using an algorithim to figure out a life story via Twitter. I’m just imagining the life story someone would generate out of the ResearchBuzz feed. It would be filled with many online databases.

4 Services That Take the Pain Out of Backups. WARNING: PC World.

From Coderwall: Use a Google Spreadsheet as a JSON backend. Though they have some restrictions that are irritating, overall Google Spreadsheets can be very useful for coding projects. I have a couple that are heavy on the importXML and allow me to play with an tweak processing data from an API very, very quickly.

Google Glass is going to get into music. Good afternoon, Internet…

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