Elsevier, Apple, Dropbox, Taiwan, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, November 14, 2013

Read-It-Later site Pocket has gone to version 5.0. “The biggest change in Pocket 5.0 is the addition of a feature called Highlights, which groups your saved items into one of four standard categories: best of, trending, long-form articles, and short articles. That means as you save a new article, video, or Web site with Pocket, the app determines how long the content is — a short read or a long article — and places it in the appropriate category.”

Dropbox has announced a new “for business” client. It also has over 200 million users.

Now available: an online database of 13,000 plant and animal species in Taiwan. (Chinese language only, unfortunately.)

The Arizona Geology blog continues to do lovely things with a new interactive viewer of every well permitted by the Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. There are over 1100 wells in the viewer.

Wolfram|Alpha has a huge blog post about — something — big on possibilities and ideas, a little short on details like release dates. Start with the Wolfram Language: “We call it the Wolfram Language because it is a language. But it’s a new and different kind of language. It’s a general-purpose knowledge-based language. That covers all forms of computing, in a new way.”

OH THE NOSTALGIA: Now available for download is the Apple II DOS Source Code for the 1978 Apple II. I’m not going to tell you how I old I was when that came out, but I will say it was about a thousand times cooler than the terminal in the library that was hooked up to the mainframe downtown and didn’t have a screen, only a huge, noisy printer. (“Let’s play a number guessing game!” CHUNKCHUNKCHUNKCHUNKCHUNKCHUNKCHUNK)

Yahoo has gone through its tech junk drawer and has put up a bunch of domains for sale. Knowburgers?

Weird: you can star Gmail ads and save them as regular mail.

This past Tuesday was Patch Tuesday, and it was a doozy.

Elsevier has launched a new open access journal: Photoacoustics. (Press release) Good morning, Internet…

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