Wolfram, Pinterest, Mocavo, My Screwup, More: Friday Morning Buzz, November 22, 2013, which is known for being an alt.Twitter, has developed a new push system that to me looks perfect for enterprise alerts… has released a new collection related to the death of John F. Kennedy.

Hey! Wolfram|Alpha is now baked into Raspberry Pi.

Pinterest has launched “Place Pins”. “Pinterest users, or ‘pinners’ can beginning planning trips by creating a new board based on location, and then adding pins with locations to those boards. The tool adds a map, images, and relevant information to the pins, and allows pinners to view the places they’d like to visit both online and on mobile.”

WordPress has released 3.8 Beta 1.

Google is getting into the newsstand space.

The news from Mocavo about advances in handwriting recognition is very exciting!

Twitter’s apps are offering new search options.

Now you can journey through Middle Earth with Chrome.

I love doing ResearchBuzz, but I end up writing it at 1 or 2 am due to my work schedule. This means that sometimes I screw up and don’t link to things I meant to. Here is the link for the Twitter bot article, with my apologies. Good morning, Internet…

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