Google, Couric, Tennessee, More: Short Thursday Evening Buzz, November 28, 2013

A UCLA professor is creating a database to document issues of racial profiling. “The database will collect information on pedestrian and vehicle stops and the use of force by police… The project depends on the voluntary participation of police departments. More than 30 police departments already agreed to contribute data to the database.”

Tennessee archivists are creating an online database of military police records from the Civil War. “The Union provost marshal records dating from 1861 to 1867 include correspondence, oaths of allegiance, orders, permits, prisoner lists and claims for compensation for property damaged by the military.”

The 92nd Street Y in New York now has an online archive of recordings / performances — it has 10,000 event recordings but is currently making only about 1,000 available. Wonderful stuff here — Sting, Kurt Vonnegut…

Gerry M. pointed me toward Solvonauts, which describes itself this way: “We’re about Open Education, Open Data, Open Source – basically trying to be as open as possible in as many ways as possible.”

Into Google Glass? The Mirror API is now open to everybody.

Everybody’s head is exploding over Katie Couric joining Yahoo. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but I’m not sure how much impact a really famous person with little tech background has on the operation of a dot-com. We did all that between 1998-2001. (Flooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooz. Poor Whoopi Goldberg.) Good evening, Internet…

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