IFTTT, Google Glass, Kansas, Fishing, More: Afternoon Buzz, November 29, 2013

IFTTT has added a Facebook Groups channel.

If you’re looking for some Google Glass, there’s apparently plenty of places to find one for sale online.

Opinion: YouTube needs a GIF creator. I can dig it. Also, Facebook needs to be able to natively display GIFs.

YouTube’s commenting system went to Google+ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and a huge mess. “As security researcher Graham Cluley explains today, YouTube may have been home to ‘some of the most unpleasant, purile and single-braincelled comments in the universe’ but it never before had a problem with link spam, because the older commenting system prevented users from leaving messages which included clickable links. But that changed when Google+ comments arrived.” Bonus points for purile.

The state of Tennessee has launched a new feature allowing residents to download their driving records.

More states! The state of Kansas has launched a mobile version of its criminal history records search.

Researchers are alleging that Persian Gulf countries are actually catching more fish than they’re reporting. How did they come to this conclusion? Using Google Earth. “Researchers Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak and Daniel Pauly estimated the fish catch in 2005, for instance, was 31,433 tonnes, six times what nations bordering the Persian Gulf reported.”

Coming soon – the PubMed Commons!

From MacWorld: 16 Secrets of Google Drive. The current thing about Google Drive which is driving me crazy: you can’t upload images into Google Spreadsheet cells. (into the sheet itself, yes. Into specific cells, no.) Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. Can you embed anything at all “object-like” into individual cells? Cut-and-paste’s probably too much to hope for. But maybe there’s some sort of “shell/skin” object which (a) you CAN put into a cell and (b) DOES support embedded images. So you’d end up with the effect of an embedded spreadsheet image even though Google Docs itself doesn’t support them.

    A long shot, I know!

  2. I think this might help you with the image inserts (I haven’t tried it yet)…


    (originally I was thinking that the appscripts would be the go (and that place looks vv interesting & powerful .. if only my coding was beyond the basic html level) .. https://developers.google.com/apps-script/ — I didn’t delve much but I wonder if there isn’t quite a stock of open source code for to dabble with?)

    • Hey, I should have clarified.

      I know that I can link to an image and put it in a cell. But that really doesn’t suit my purpose. I’m doing this thing for work where I’m building catalogs via pictures I’ve taken. I’d like to upload the pictures into spreadsheets and then do a bit of number crunching and XML importing. But I can’t, because I can’t upload images into cells (not really interested in uploading all the pictures somewhere and making them public.) So I’m having to do it in a Google Doc and there is no number crunching and no XML. It’s sad… :->

  3. With Google Glass becoming more popular, it will be interesting to see what laws will be introduced to prohibit them in certain areas. I could see these becoming a big problem while driving or at a bar/club.

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