Matchbox Labels, Wikipedia, Fail Whale, More: Fat Friday Morning Buzz, November 29, 2013

Apparently Yahoo tried to do a deal with Katie Couric before, and AllThingsD got the term sheet. I realized how old and cynical I have gotten when I read it and said to myself, “This is marshmallow fluff.” I’m not attacking Couric – all I know of her is how she is on TV, which I don’t assume is how she is in her life. I’m not even attacking Yahoo. I’m just wondering: does this do anybody any good? Does it make things different? Does it make them better? It’s just a jar of beige carpet clippings.

More Yahoo and more AllThingsD for that matter: Yahoo is requesting its employees use its own e-mail system via extremely odd memo. One immediate thought and one point of confusion. The immediate thought is that I know officially feel much better about some of the management memos I’VE sent (I’ll cop to using the occasional written sound effect, but never have I tried to pull off the word “resistance” twice in once sentence. I’m not Borg.) Point of confusion: I thought if a senior executive at a public company used the phrase “Feeling that little tingle?” in an e-mail, HR representatives were obligated by corporate bylaw to hit them with a clown hammer. No?

I’m not interested in using Google Glass until there’s a lot more evidence on the impact it has on one’s eyesight, but I’m always eager to hear about small scrappy Google competitors. LaForge Optical (HA!) claims they have a prescription-compatible Glass competitor on the way for $200.

More Google: apparently it had a pretty serious security bug which has since been squashed.

More More Google: the blog SearchReSearch has a lovely article about searching Google’s scanned newspaper archives.

The Creative Commons license suite has gone to version 4.0.

Google Street View has added a bunch of airports, train stations, and subway stations. The Paddington Rail station in London features blurry faces and ghostly pigeons!

More Google Maps: they have embeds again! And guess what? Soon they will have ads! And if you’re shocked by this you’re not paying attention.

A gorgeous pointer from Kottke: a Flickr collection of matchbox labels (over a thousand!)

WOW: Get a full copy of Wikipedia offline and on your desktop. And it’ll only take 30 hours. I love this, but I agree with one of the commenters, I would pay money to get this for TVTropes.

The University of Rochester has put up a huge online archive (over 6000!) of AIDS information/activism posters. “The posters provide a visual history of the first three decades of the HIV/AIDS crisis from 1981 to the present. Depending on their audience, creators of the posters used stereotypes, scare tactics, provocative language, imagery, and even humor to educate the public about the disease.”

FamilySearch has done another big record add. “Notable collection updates include the 24,856,324 indexed records and images from the U.S., New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1909–1957, collection, the 2,284,230 indexed records and images from the Canada Passenger Lists, 1881–1922, collection, and the 3,399,062 indexed records from the U.S., New York, Passenger Lists, 1820–1891, collection.”

Alas, poor Fail Whale — it is no more. Good morning, Internet…

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