Patents, British Scientists, Google Now, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, December 1, 2013

Dick Eastman has an article about a service which turns e-mails into PDF files. I’m not sure I just want to randomly forward e-mails (at least potentially sensitive ones) but the same service will also e-mail you Web pages as PDF files, and that sounds handy.

Facebook is testing a “save for later” feature — or they could just, you know, integrate with Pocket. Sigh.

Nifty: a new app to access US census data from your smartphone.

The Department of State has what I believe to be a new Travel Warnings & Travel Alerts API. “Once a dataset is programmed into a third-party site or application, that platform can then display to consumers real-time travel warnings and alerts pulled directly from the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ website, For example, a user who purchases a plane ticket through an online travel agency may then, within that same website, view the latest security information in the destination country.”

There is a new site providing access to (at least) hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts. (The story said thousands but reviewing the three sources on the Web site I’m not seeing it.)

Rick Broida has a brief infographic of Google Now voice commands.

New archive available: British scientist oral histories.

The MIT Technology Review takes a look at Google’s ever-growing pile o’ patents. “Gregory Aharonian, a technical analyst who works with lawyers to overturn patents, says that Google, like other big companies, knows that if it swamps the overworked patent office with applications, it will win patents, even if its ideas aren’t necessarily that novel.” If that’s truly the case… yuck. recently added over 400 Native American documents to its Web site. “The collection contains two types of material: constitutions from the 1800s produced by the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek; and constitutions and charters drafted after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act.”

Mashable’s got a nice list of sources to follow for winter storm news.

Want to watch NORAD track Santa this year? You’ll have to use Bing. Good morning, Internet…

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