Words, Facebook, ‘Bots, Passwords, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, December 11, 2013

The Merriam-Webster word of the year is… SCIENCE!

A look at Google Glass in the operating room.

More Google Glass: it now has a WordPress plugin.

Well, this had to happen: a search engine for government secrets. “The project, based out of Columbia University and launched about a year ago, uses advanced computer science methods in big data, machine learning, and natural language processing to scale up what some scholars have been struggling to do by hand for a decade: Document the rise of government secrecy, learn more about what the government isn’t releasing, and uncover new patterns and information in the millions of documents that do get declassified but contain heavy redactions.”

So Facebook is launching an “Unfollow” button. I’m looking forward to the “If I see one more ad about Ellen’s ‘secret’ there will be mayhem” button.

More Facebook: check out the biggest trends of 2013, according to it.

One minute on the Internet, 2013 vs. 2012. The YouTube stat is positively mind-blowing.

I like this because I’m a stats wonk: a Twitter bot that second-guesses 4th down calls in the NFL.

National Geographic is sharing maps on Google. Niiice.

Microsoft Research has released a new tool that shows how guessable your password is.

More password tools: a new Web site lets you check and see if your e-mail address was part of one of the recent high-profile hacks. Good afternoon, Internet…

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