Henry Ford, Shanghai, Amiga, Aloys Fleischmann, More: Sunday Afternoon Buzz, December 15, 2013

Near-live video. From space. “A Canadian-based company named UrtheCast will offer the world’s first near-live HD video and imagery of Earth from space, using the new cameras. Launched aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft on Monday, the two eyes in the sky will be installed on the underbelly of the space station over the next few months.”

Did you know Wolfram|Alpha has college data? I didn’t either. “Not only can Wolfram|Alpha provide enrollment figures (and create lists of, say, schools with the most part-time students), but we can use degrees awarded to break down which fields of study are the most popular at a given school.”

Ford and the Henry Ford Museum are going on a digitizing spree.

Shanghai Library has digitized 100 years’ worth of the city’s first English language newspaper.

Interesting: now under development is a database of musical experiences. “The Listening Experience Database will – for the first time – collect records of people’s personal experiences of listening to music in any period or culture.”

Wow! You can now emulate an Amiga with your Chrome browser.

Use GMail? Thinking about switching? Microsoft has created a new tool that makes it easier to migrate to

Róisín O’Brien sent a note to tell me about her thesis project for a Masters Degree in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork, Ireland. She has digitized the 1926 and 1927 diaries of Irish composer Aloys Fleischmann. They are available at Thanks so much for thinking of me, Róisín!

The Springfield (Illinois) State Journal-Register will be getting an online archive.

Now available: a new online database charting water quality regulations related to oil and gas development. “The newly launched Oil & Gas – Water Quality dataset was created as a comparative tool for examining water quality laws and regulations related to oil and gas activities in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. ”

I got an e-mail from Pocket a few days ago. Pocket as you may know is a “read-it-later” app, and I looove it. Anyway, according to Pocket I was in its top 1% of readers for the year. According to it I read 1,754,207 words on the Pocket site this past year. Most of that was reviewing items for possible inclusion in ResearchBuzz. It’s a lot of reading, but it’s more than worth it! Good afternoon, Internet…

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