Images, Silent Movies, Google Spreadsheets, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, December 15, 2013

The British Library has uploaded one million public domain images to Flickr. Is that or is that not awesome? “They’re embarking on an ambitious programme to crowdsource novel uses and navigation tools for the huge corpus. Already, the manifest of image descriptions is available through Github.”

Indiegogo has launched a crowdfunding playbook. I’m mentioning this here because I’ve seen some wonderful examples of crowdfunding for preservation and sharing — whether it’s digitizing a photo album or recording classical music to make it public domain and available to everyone.

For example, Video Watchdog has a Kickstarter campaign to digitize its 176 back issues.

Interesting: a site called Mustbin encrypts and stores photos of important documents for you.

Google Spreadsheets is getting a big upgrade. Oooh, I hope that 50-cell limit on importXML functions is lifted.. !

MyHeritage has announced a family history initiative for Nordic countries. “In addition to the significant content added today, MyHeritage is investing millions of dollars to digitize more Nordic historical content and has signed new agreements that will result in a wealth of Nordic historical records to be added during the next few years.”

Facebook’s getting into auto-play videos?

This is kind of neat. Brace is a tool to host static Web sites via Dropbox. “…the service is mostly aimed at web designers who can use it to push their work onto a live site without the need to know about setting up and managing servers. With Brace, they simply upload their files to a designated Dropbox folder and Brace will then sync it with its Amazon-hosted servers.”

The Library of Congress has announced a database providing information on extant movies from the silent film era. Good morning, Internet…

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