Two-Factor, Federal Reserve, Patents, YouTube, More, Saturday Night Buzz, December 14, 2013

Lifehacker has a roundup of most major places two-factor authentication is available. And while it’s a very useful list, it still makes me see red. Why? Because Amazon, despite the fact that it’s trying to tout a cloud storage service, etc. still does not offer two-factor. (AWS does, but I do not believe its consumer service does.) They’re futzing around with package delivery drones, for crying out loud, but don’t offer two-factor. GRRRRR.

The US Federal Reserve has launched the History Web Gateway. “The History Web Gateway offers students, educators, researchers, and others information about the founding of the Fed and its purpose, more than 230 biographies of key individuals, essays on major events in the Fed’s history, and access to various Fed archives. Additional content and features will be added over time.”

Google+ has added new features/effects to its photos.

SmallBizTrends has a nifty article on how to use Google Images to find stock photography.

So apparently a former Google executive is going to run the US Patent Office? Deputy director until a new director is appointed.

GMail is set to automatically display images instead of waiting for you to specify that you want to see them. “Now, all images are checked for viruses and malware ahead of time, so it doesn’t matter whether the picture came from someone you know. Google is now serving images through its own secure proxy servers, instead of directly from external host servers.”

Instagram now has private messaging.

WordPress 3.8 is now available.

Do you have a verified YouTube account? Now you can live stream! Good late evening, Internet…

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