OED, Pi, Google, More: Saturday Morning Buzz, December 21, 2013

This is interesting: Oxford English Dictionary has a tool to let you discover a word that came into use the year you were born.

Paul J sent me an e-mail about TweetQureet, which sends you a daily e-mail roundup of your timeline’s most interesting tweets. If I ever sour on Nuzzel I’ll try this. Thanks Paul!

Hey, you know where you can get Raspberry Pi now? Radio Shack! That’s cool.

Did you check out Google’s Crossword Puzzle Doodle?

More Google: Google Glass can now search faces in real time. Not TOO creepy.

Instapaper has launched Instapaper Daily, which showcases the most popular stories from Instapaper service in a variety of categories. You don’t have to have an account to view the site.

Is Winamp not shutting down after all?

If you’re in the US you’ve probably heard about the huge credit card breach at Target. Krebs on Security has an extensive writeup.

How availability of research data diminishes over time. “The researchers found that for every year that had passed since the paper’s publication date, the odds of finding an email address that led to contact with a study author decreased by 7% and that the odds of turning up the data reduced by 17% per year.” Good morning, Internet…

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  1. About OED and looking up the Word introduced in the year of my birth: I found I need to be a subscriber or have access rights otherwise to use this facility. Disappointing!!

    I have forwarded the original link to the paper on :”Research Data becoming unavailable after loss of time.” to my friend who run a e-daily on Info Retrieval.


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