Cookbooks, Star Wars, Wikipedia, Drugs, More: Monday Morning Buzz, December 23, 2013

… Wait. Star Wars has an official Tumblr?

I hadn’t seen this WorldCat experimental cookbook finder.

Interesting press release about the USGS and its success with crowdsourcing.

Have you gotten a Chromecast? Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

You can send a personalized holiday greeting via Google Maps, complete with falling snow.

From Boing Boing comes the irritating news that the Department of Defense is going to have its still and moving image archive digitized – in exchange for it being out of the public domain for ten years. “In exchange for covering a share of digitizing and hosting costs (the government will pick up an unspecified share of costs as well), T3 Media will provide access to the government and receive a 10-year exclusive license to charge for public access to these public domain materials.”

The city of New York will release a database showing recidivism information for everyone charged with a crime in 2009 (and just 2009 at the moment). “It breaks down information on 233,821 individuals in 2009 charged with crimes—excluding their names—who were age 16 or older. The site will be updated with data from other years in the coming months, Mr. Feinblatt said.”

I found out from Anne H about the Wellcome Library digitizing its run of Chemist and Druggist. “Continually published for over 150 years, it’s the leading trade journal for the pharmacy community in the UK….Once digitised, the digital issues will be available in a basic format via the Internet Archive, and will later be available via the Library website and catalogues with increased functionality.”

Wikipedia has introduced a draft feature. “Starting on the English-language Wikipedia, all users (registered or anonymous) now have the option to start drafts before publishing. A draft simply has “Draft:” before the title of the page you’re creating… Drafts are not visible to readers using Wikipedia’s default search nor in external search engines such as Google, though you may find them using the advanced search options.”

Elsevier has announced the launch of a new open access journal, Interdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management

Get a “Street View” for bike lanes in SF and NYC via Cyclodeo.

Monday fun: a huge article on Digital Trends outlining the 50 best video game Easter eggs of all time. Alas, the only one I have seen is the Cow level in Diablo II. Good morning, Internet…

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