Facebook, Alerts, Stevie, Olympics, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, December 24, 2013

Has it looked to you lately like Facebook has more ads? Well, guess what. Meanwhile, organic reach of fan page posts drops lower and lower. It’s not something I talk about on this blog much, but one of the things I do in my day job is purchase advertising, including Facebook and AdWords campaigns. And I never thought I’d say this, considering the campaigns for which I get ads – but AdWords is starting to look like a better buy. Facebook may be killing its golden goose…

Here’s an article about organic reach on Facebook. Facebook can talk all it wants about “high quality” and such, but it doesn’t look like anything to me but a money grab. Meanwhile, my timeline has articles about “Ellen’s secret” and other such garbage out the wazoo. So I’m getting less stuff I want in order to get advertised crap. Yay.

A more detailed database will track how Hurricane Sandy relief funds are spent in NYC.

From Lifehacker: the best extensions and add-ons to beef up YouTube.

From How-To Geek: 5 Ways to Get Notifications from Web sites using only your browser. Covers Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu!

Good article from Search Engine Journal: how to move on from broken Google Alerts. Mention and Talkwalker were both included as options. I haven’t been terribly impressed with Talkwalker but Mention has been quite good. I will say that when I compare these to doing a time-restricted Google search for my keywords (another thing I do for work), Google still shows things I do not find via Mention, but the reverse is also true.

This is really interesting and I want some time to play with it. Stevie has announced (via press release) Follow TV, which allows you to enter a hashtag and get, basically, a TV channel. “‘Follow TV’ lets viewers watch the most up to date channels, curated automatically from trending topics and twitter hashtags, constantly updated, and instantly on, any time. Viewers can also create channels for any topic they choose, share and watch later on their Stevie or directly on the web.” Based on my playing with it, it needs some tweaking – okay, it needs a LOT of tweaking – but I love the idea.

Larry Ferlazzo has beefed up his list of the best sites for learning about the 2014 Winter Olympics.

You know you want to: how to track Santa on any device.

Wolfram|Alpha has added a bunch of data for the holiday season. Now you too can find out how many snowmen fit in a Boeing 747. Good morning, Internet, and I hope you had a wonderful Night of the Radishes.

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