Twitter, Metadata, Punjab, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, December 25, 2013

Well, this is depressing. Check out this Article from AllThingsD called “Almost No One Is Reading Your Tweets”. “By Bruner’s count, it takes a mere 458 followers to land in the top 10 percent of all Twitter users. It takes 2,991 followers to crack the top one percent.*” Since ResearchBuzz’ Twitter account has about 2500 followers, I felt special for all of three seconds, but I’m more interested in getting resource information to people who want it than racking up huge numbers of followers. But between this and Facebook putting an absolute stranglehold on its organic fan page reach, I’m at a loss. I’ll keep doing the Web page, of course, and daily e-mail updates are available, but – what else? Tumblr? Carrier Pigeon? Pogo Stick?

And if you’re feeling it: Ten Reasons Why You Should Quit Twitter. (Though I don’t agree about the local thing.)

Fun: 7 famous museums replicated in gingerbread.

Not fun: Stanford researchers did some experimenting to see how easy it would be to connect metadata with actual users. The answer? Really easy. “We don’t have the budget or credentials to access a premium data aggregator, so we ran our 100 numbers with Intelius, a cheap consumer-oriented service. 74 matched. Between Intelius, Google search, and our three initial sources, we associated a name with 91 of the 100 numbers.”

The Social Media Examiner hipped me to BeFunky, a photo editor with several interesting filters, a collage feature, and a tool for making Facebook cover photos. NICE. (Free, requires no registration.)

Punjab Digital Library will be adding 2.5 million pages to its Web site by mid-2014. “These pages will include the manuscripts present in City Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh, the thesis written by various scholars from Punjabi Sahitya Akademi, various scriptures collected on Punjabi culture and history from rural parts of Punjab, 5,000 rare books on the records of British India government and various other culture-specific manuscripts written decades back.”

Beta List mentioned Hubbler, which is an upcoming tool for debating issues.

From Yale: Using Google to track the effects of climate change.

Network World has a slide show on seven free, open source video editors for Linux.

Hm. 5 Ways to Take Great Holiday Photos with your smart phone. Good morning, Internet, and if you’re celebrating it – Merry Christmas!

I love your comments, I love your site suggestions, and I love you. Feel free to comment on the blog, or @ResearchBuzz on Twitter. Thanks!

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  1. You asked “what else to do”? Number One: don’t get discouraged.

    That is also numbers two through 12.

    Just wanted to let you know that, after I clean out the evening’s sludge from the email, I check to see if I have a Research Buzz. If you have sent one, that’s the first thing I read. Very rarely does an enter message go by without my clicking at least one link.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey George, I don’t think I’m getting discouraged, but I do want to make sure I make the most of getting this information out to those folks who would find it useful.

      You know what my dream job is? It would be that for every ResearchBuzz type article I read and resource I find – and I read a LOT of stuff – that I would know someone who would find it useful and be to quickly and easily get it to them. And somehow make money doing it.

      Isn’t that silly?

      Happy holidays!

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