Sharks, Google+, New York, More: Saturday Morning Buzz, December 28, 2013

Twitter-tagged sharks in Australia are warning beachgoers. “When a tagged shark swims within about a kilometre of a beach, it triggers an alert which is picked up by computer. That computer then instantly turns the shark’s signal into a short message on Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s (SLSWA) Twitter feed.”

Reader Ben C. pointed me toward this quick mention of data engine Knoema, about which I did not know.

Google+ users are getting a year-in-review video.

Speaking of Google+, Google Operating System has an overview of the filters for Google+ photo search.

More Google+, an article from Lifehacker on how to stop Google+ from taking over all your Google Apps.

A search engine describing itself as the first Kurdish search engine is now available.

Lifehacker has a roundup of the best Chrome extensions and posts of 2013.

The city of New York now has a business atlas.
“The new NYC Business Atlas compiles market research data from all five boroughs into an easy to understand map. Users can freely access neighborhood level information on population, income, pedestrian traffic, and more.”

From Mashable: 7 reasons 2013 was the year of Google.

Reader Paul J. pointed me toward, which provides information on words and language use, along with an estimate of the number of words in English.

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