Yahoo, Chromecast, Evernote, More: Sunday Buzz, January 5, 2014

Yahoo has updated its sports app.

Google is encouraging people to turn on push notifications for Google+. I’m trying, but I am having a hard time getting into Google+.

Interesting: a new app lets you chat in 29 languages.

ReadWrite has a beginner’s guide to Chromecast.

Uh-oh. A malware attack at Yahoo?

Phil Bradley has a note about Gwittr, a tool for Twitter searching.

More Twitter: researchers are using Twitter to find time travelers. Or not find them, as the case may be. Because if I’ve figured out how to travel through time, I’m gonna reveal myself to a random online researcher. Sure I am.

I know a lot of ResearchBuzz readers love Evernote. Check out this article featuring some documented bugs and privacy concerns from one user.

The New York Times has a great article on the Urban Dictionary. Good morning, Internet…

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