Ships, Weather, Arizona, More: Monday Buzz, January 6, 2014

North Carolina weather guy Nate Johnson has a bunch of handy Chrome shortcuts for weather wizards (or wonks, or geeks) —

From Social Media Today: ten alternatives to the Google keyword research tool.

While I was poking around Google I noticed ShipSpotting – – a Web site with over 1.6 million pictures of ships! And a very extensive search engine to find the one you want.

Now available: an interactive, geologic map of Arizona. Very nice.

From Forbes: 4 changes Google is making and how they affect content creation.

From Mashable: 5 alternatives to releasing your e-mail address publicly.

The CEO of Evernote has responded to a recent blog post complaining about his product. His response is interesting. The comments after his response are even more interesting. Good morning, Internet…

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