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EBooks, Ransomware, Connected Devices, More: Afternoon Buzz, January 7, 2014

From How-To Geek: how to create ebooks from Wikipedia articles.

Marissa Mayer is giving a keynote at CES, and Yahoo is livestreaming it.

Scary: there’s some even meaner ransomware making the rounds.

Can you tell how old someone is by their tweets?

A blogger has started a Tumblr to archive her collection of / obsession with vintage paper. Give her a visit and encourage her to keep going! (Yay for digital archiving on all levels!)

A cool article from CBC news on the Candian Nature Museum’s task of digitizing its three million specimens. Web portal launching this year!

Wolfram|Alpha has announced the Wolfram Connected Devices Project. “…today we’re launching the Wolfram Connected Devices Project—whose goal is to work with device manufacturers and the technical community to provide a definitive, curated, source of systematic knowledge about connected devices.” There are a couple thousand devices in the project as of right now. Very interesting article about how to get structured information about connected devices.

LifeSite Logics has launched a new database of over 850 retirement communities in 23 states (Press Release). Good afternoon, Internet…

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