Maps, Twitter, LoC, More: Saturday Buzz, January 11, 2014

Facebook is getting rid of its sponsored stories product.

Snapchat has finally gotten around to apologizing for its recent hack. That’s nice.

Google and the government of Ireland have collaborated to create a Web that lists the soldiers from Ireland who died in WWI… all 49,000 of them.

Amazon has redesigned its developer portal. “The new site-wide search tool in the top navigation bar is something that should have been there from the start. Amazon has also added a wide variety of support resources to help you through the development process, including documentation, development tools, marketing tips, promotional tools, videos, case studies, blog posts, and a schedule of upcoming training events.”

Yahoo has introduced a Smart TV.

From PC Magazine: Ten VPN services you should know about.

CogDog pointed me to this interesting article on keeping a Twitter archive fresh using Google Drive.

From InformationWeek: 5 Google Opt-Out Settings to Check.

From the British Library: 2700 maps georeferenced by volunteers. Very nice.

The Library of Congress has a free guide available for cataloging pictures. “The guidelines cover still images of all types: photographs, prints, drawings, born-digital pictures, book illustrations, posters, postcards, cartoons, comic strips, advertisements, portraits, landscape, architectural drawings, bookplates and more. Instructions for capturing core metadata elements—the titles, creators, dates, publishers, and media of pictures—are provided as well as helpful wording for explanatory notes.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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