Australia, Target, Oracle, More: Monday Buzz, January 13, 2014

The National Library of Australia has announced a bunch of new digitized newspapers on its Trove service. There are too many to list here, but the service now has over 12 million pages from over 600 Australian papers.

Oracle is set to issue almost 150 security patches, including three dozen for Java. What a surprise! Not.

Was the Target hack over the holiday season just one of many?

Rumor: Google is working on a new travel price comparison service.

More Google: When DMCA takedown requests go wrong. Like, really wrong. Like, a record label ends up asking to censor its own Twitter account wrong.

Dropbox is slowly getting itself together after a couple more hiccups.

Would you name a social media site for college students ClusterFlunk? You would? I guess I am just not cool…

GeekSugar has a quick note about a search engine on the horizon called BinPad. “it goes by the idea of ‘hierarchical thinking,’ where what you search gets broken down into different categories till you find exactly what you’re looking for.” “Hierarchical thinking”? In 2007 or so we called these “clustering engines” and it was a lot easier to spell. Good morning, Internet…

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