Lots of Google and a Little More: Friday Morning Buzz, January 17, 2014

Three cheers: a hackathon to develop better tools for extraction from PDFs.

More Irish veteran records released: This article from notes, “A new online database allows people to view over 10,000 files relating to 3,200 individuals who were granted a military service pension by the State. Some 2,400 were 1916 veterans.”

Google has finally given some kind of response to the hotel hijack. But as Barry Schwartz notes in the linked article: “It is just amazing how bad Google Maps for business is and how many hacks and issues are within it.” Spot on, Barry.

More Google: Google has released a tool that shows how music artists and music genres have waxed and waned in popularity over the decades. I did one search fine but every search I tried after that just spun and spun and spun.

More More Google: the company has announced a project to develop contact lenses that monitor the glucose levels of diabetics. Now, I think anything that helps diabetics is great. Diabetes is a terrifying disease. But man, I wish Google would fix some of the existing problems in its core products before wandering off and developing technology like this.

Sorry this morning buzz is so Googly: remember that lady who got a ticket for driving while glasstastic? She beat it. “Blair also dismissed a speeding ticket against Abadie, because an expert did not appear to testify to the calibration on the officer’s speedometer. Blair said there was a lack of evidence to establish Abadie’s driving speed.”

Jeffrey Haeger has put together an interesting thesis: Damage Control: How Scrutinized Professional Athletes Use Twitter to Combat Negative Press. It’s free to read online. Good morning, Internet…

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