Norway, IFTTT, White House, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, January 17, 2014

The National Library of Norway has put over 135,000 in-copyright books online for free — and the authors get paid and everything!

Georgia Tech researchers have analyzed over 45,000 projects on Kickstarter and have developed a list of the phrases that pay (literally).

Happy 13th birthday Wikipedia!

PC World (WARNING! PC WORLD!) offers an IFTTT article 10 IFTTT recipes to make you more productive at work.

Mashable opines that the Yahoo comeback is smoke and mirrors. The comments on ad buying especially resonate with me. As someone who has been buying Google AdWords regularly for a few years (it’s one of the things I do at the warehouse), I’m astonished how much easier it’s been to develop and implement campaigns at Facebook and Google AdWords over time — even FourSquare. But as a small business advertiser, I’m still beating my head against Yahoo.

So Facebook is now offering trending topics — but you still can’t keyword search public posts from the site? AW, C’MON FACEBOOK!

The White House is covering all the bases for a social State of the Union address.

Techmeme is expanding its event listings. They’re still tech, and still expected to be fairly large in scope, but they are not necessarily expected to be Techmeme headline generators. Good afternoon, Internet…

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