Short Monday Buzz, January 20, 2014

Skinny buzz. Sorry, had an emergency last night.

Mashable maps out what each state wants, according to Google Autocomplete.

Mark Cuban asks, Is Search Changing? Well, yes, dear: search is changing all the time. He notes: “The latency on Google information relative to searches on Twitter (or hosts to the Twitter Firehose), Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, Facebook (although declining because they changed the search of public pages to hash tags), is long and important.” This is true, and demonstrates the dangers of creating an insular system or not indexing another site’s content for whatever reason.

Mashable again: it has an article called How to curate your Facebook news feed. It has lots of hints on getting more useful content on your Facebook feed. Here’s the thing, though: I already curated my Facebook news feed. I did it by friending people and liking interesting pages. The fact that I have to do this level of tweaking to counteract Facebook’s organic reach stupidness really, really grinds my last nerve.

You think the Target hack was bad? Dig this: An estimated 95% of ATMs run Windows XP. With apologies to Game of Thrones: April is coming.

Google Alerts has gotten a new design – the only thing I’ve really noticed is that now I have to scroll further through the preview window to actually see the alerts… Good evening, Internet…

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