Department of Defense, Hawaii, QR Codes, Wikipedia, More: Fat Wednesday Buzz, January 22, 2014

New Google “Street” View: remote Hawaiian islands. I want desktop wallpapers of everything, thanks.

Is Facebook going to suffer a rapid mass user exodus? “Facebook’s growth will eventually come to a quick end, much like an infectious disease that spreads rapidly and suddenly dies, say Princeton researchers who are using diseases to model the life-cycles of social media.” Kind of surprised about the timing. Always thought entropy was on the side of large Web properties.

READING! 16 apps to help you read on the move.

Is Google creating a fitness API?

Personally, I like them, but a lot of my fellow geeks rag on QR codes. But what if they were prettier? “They’re called aestheticodes, and they’re the brainchild of Steve Benford, a professor in the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham, England.”

Interesting search fu article: The Value of Looking Up Stuff in Other Languages in Wikipedia. “Wikipedia comes in 287 languages (and more are being added). Those links on the left are to the equivalent article in another language. What you might not realize is that articles are NOT THE SAME in all of the world’s different languages.”

From PCWorld (Warning! PCWorld!), an article on all the many ways to kill the data on your hard drive stone cold dead. There was a lot of good information in this article, but PC World’s advertising is getting so obnoxious I might have to abandon it…

Yahoo is apparently the most trafficked Web site for desktops in the US — but I’m wondering how much good it is doing them. If I were Microsoft I’d buy Yahoo and Bing the mess out of it. Then I’d get a real advertising system in there.

LogMeIn is killing the free version of its service.

Bothered by Google buying Nest? Check out the development of this open source alternative.

The Department of Defense is starting a large project to digitize and make available thousands of historical images. “The Defense Imagery Management Operations Center recently signed a $5 million agreement to digitize, store and provide access to hundreds of thousands of historical images.”

From SmallBizTrends: 10 YouTube Alternatives for Small Business. Some of these are a stretch but it’s an interesting list.

FamilySearch added another round of records last week. “Notable collection updates include the 1,061,590 indexed records and images from the U.S., Vermont, Vital Records, 1760–1954, collection; the 322,922 images from the Colombia, Catholic Church Records, 1600–2012, collection; and the 592,385 images from the new U.S., Ohio, Hamilton County Records, 1791–1994, collection.” Good Morning, Internet…

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  1. re:Facebook Yes, I can see this happening. Seems like there’s more advertising every day, and FB is taking so much control of what readers see so much some people think their real-world friends have left already! Maybe it’s time to give Google+ another look — if only they had games!

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