Chrome, Education, Surveys, Facebook, More: Thursday Morning Buzz, January 23, 2014

HowToGeek is building a list of Chrome extensions that have adware or malware associated with them.

The Colorado State Forest Service has launched a natural resources grants database.”The online Natural Resources Grants and Assistance Database offers a free, searchable index of grant opportunities that pertain to many natural resources topics; examples include agroforestry, education, forest restoration, research, urban forestry and wildfire mitigation.”

Wolfram|Alpha now has Bitcoin data.

The World Bank Group has launched a new tool to compare education policies around the world. “Through SABER, the Bank Group aims to improve education quality by supplying policymakers, civil society, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students with more, and more meaningful, data about key education policy areas, including early childhood development, student assessment, teachers, school autonomy and accountability, and workforce development, among others.”

Amazon has dropped more AWS prices.

Birrell W dropped me a note about a tool from the Association of Religion Data Archives called Measurement Wizard, which provides an aggregation of survey results on moral/religious/metaphysical topics.

Facebook has tweaked its new feed algorithim. Apparently just showing us updates from pages we’ve liked is too complicated…

The National Portrait Gallery has launched an online catalog for George Frederic Watts. “The nine-month project, funded by the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives, has included the transcription of 1,446 letters and notes written to, or received by, Watts. The Collection reveals the professional and personal relationships of one of Britain’s most significant artists, providing an invaluable source of material for researchers, students and those with aninterest in British art in the nineteenth century.”

Nifty: Pinterest is getting into recipe search.

Google is ditching Google Notifier.

Wow: very scary story about a guy getting detained in a movie theater because he was wearing Google Glass (which were in fact switched off; he had prescription lenses in them so he needed to keep them on.) Good morning, Internet…

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