Lobbying, Alerts, Pinterest, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, January 23, 2014

The Sacramento Kings will be using Google Glass to stream its games.

More Google: Consumer Watchdog has issued a press release about lobbying by tech companies in 2013. In first place, having spent over $14 million according to this release, is Google.

More More Google: I mentioned recently that Google Alerts are all pretty and HTML-y, now. Unfortunately if you prefer the text version (as I did) you’re out of luck, as you can’t change them back. It’s not clear whether this is a bug or a “feature”.

Was it Connie C who pointed me to this great article in The Code4Lib Journal, Unix Commands and Batch Processing for the Reluctant Librarian or Archivist? It’s a TERRIFIC article and a fine introduction to batch processing multimedia. Lovely.

Thanks to LibraryStuff for this pointer: Getty Publications has launched a free virtual library. Over 250 titles are available to read online or download as PDFs.

Interesting blend of genealogy and pinning: 7 tips for mapping out your family on Pinterest.

The latest company to issue a transparency report? Why, it’s Verizon!

Yahoo has made secure search the default. Good afternoon, Internet…

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