Ohio University, Pulp Magazines, Yearbooks, More: Friday Morning Buzz, January 24, 2014

More IFTTT-type things: Mashable has an article about Piper, which is described as IFTTT for the home.

Hat tip to LibraryStuff for the note about StyleEase, which uses WorldCat data to help automate citations for students.

Google has apparently dumped a lot of its search filters? Well, that sucks.

More Google: so apparently this poor guy wrote a whole Google+ book, but can’t get Google+ to stop spamming him.

Library and Archives Canada has put up a brief set of pulp magazine covers on Flickr. And as you might expect, some of ’em are in French.

Ohio University recently launched an online photo archive/catalog with over 46000 images. It looks like it’s free to browse, but you have to get permission for download access.

A great pointer from the good folks at Smashing Magazine: Places to find good free stock photos. No annotation, unfortuantely, but I hadn’t heard of many of these sites.

From The Ancestor Hunt: 14 Resources to Search Yearbooks for your Ancestors.

The state of Connecticut is offering a new online driver’s license check. “The new online service at allows anyone to put in a driver’s license number and a message will return whether the license is valid….This look up pairs with a check on whether a vehicle is validly registered in the state. It can be found at The check is easy to do on any Connecticut marker plate.”

Coming soon: a digital archive of historical records from Central State Hospital in Virginia. “Since Central State Hospital was the world’s first African American psychiatric hospital until it integrated in 1968, the digital library will be a genealogy gem for people in need of answers about their mental health history. Not only will people learn more about their family tree, they will also discover their risks for developing mental illness, says Davis, who is a professor of African and African American Studies. He anticipates completion of the digital library by fall 2014.” Good morning, Internet…

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