OCLC, Chrome, Spanish Songs, More: Saturday Buzz, January 25, 2014

OCLC has announced WorldCat Discovery Services. “Set to launch in March, the new suite will enable discovery of more than 1.3 billion electronic, digital and physical resources in libraries around the world through a single search of both WorldCat and a central index that represents nearly 2,000 e-content collections.”

I missed the Kickstarter project that uses Google Autocomplete to make a Balderdash-type game.

Yuck. A very scary Chrome bug may leave any conversations in proximity of your computer open to eavesdropping. “a new exploit … lets malicious sites turn Google Chrome into a listening device, one that can record anything said in your office or your home, as long as Chrome is still running.”

More Chrome complaints: it apparently doesn’t delete old extension folders?

This guy is maintaining a database of almost 1200 Spanish songs. It’s available as a spreadsheet download.

YouTube is offering a sneak peek at Super Bowl commercials.

Want to watch the Super Bowl online? Lifehacker’s got you covered.

Under development: a new search engine for Polish Web content.

Google has announced that Barack Obama will participate in the first Presidential Hangout Road Trip. You’re invited to record videos asking questions. Not going to go further into that because I like to keep politics off this blog. Good morning, Internet…

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