YouTube, Pulp Magazines, Evernote, More: Sunday Buzz, January 26, 2014

Lifehacker offers some Google tips and tricks for students. Here’s one trick they missed: keep trying different search engines in addition to Google. Believe it or not Google will not be the primary search engine (or whatever search engines evolve into) forever.

The Tampa Bay Times has teamed up with the Center for Investigative Reporting to create Charity Checker. “Our ‘Charity Checker’ website, for the first time, aggregates the ratings and reviews already offered by several of the nation’s most prominent watchdog organizations.”

Some Google employees started a Reddit AMA right before the big GMail outage Friday. Hilarity ensued. Okay, so it wasn’t really hilarity.

More Google: Mike M pointed me to a post on about how to get back the search filter functionality that Google dropped.

Dennis L called me out (nicely) about the pulp magazine covers on Flickr I linked to, and suggested that perhaps they weren’t really that pulpy. Then he referred me to . Holy cow, that’s quite a collection.

Visual thinkers, check out this article from MakeUseOf on tools to visualize your Evernote notes. Card Desk reminds me: MAN I MISS HYPERCARD.

I hate it when companies do this: Yahoo has acquired Cloud Party, and will be shutting it down almost immediately.

The Georgetown Law Library has a brief note about a new legal publication — the Journal of Open Access to Law, at .

Thanks to a bug in Google search, a poor guy got buried in e-mail.

Thanks to GlennF for this pointer to an article on using YouTube for “quick and dirty” audio transcription. “Obviously, this is no replacement for human transcription, but potentially a good starting point for your own transcription efforts, or used to feed Mechanical Turk. Paying someone to edit a flawed transcript may be easier than starting from nothing.” Good morning, Internet…

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